Salt & Pepper Cat-Lady



While climbing up a house the Cat Lady was captured by some spotlights and she got arrested. The police protocol told this lady was wearing the Cat Lady costume in red from S&P that is available in Second Life at The Arcade during March. See Salt & Pepper in Flickr and a bigger version of the photo in my Flickr.

My body is Maitreya Lara worn with my own shape for Bento and the skin tone Colorado from DS’ELLES. The head is the Bento head Catya from Catwa with the skin KELLIE Colorado from DS’ELLES. For the costume the head ears have to be hidden by the Catwa Main HUD.

I think you all like this costume so much as I did already.

Until my next blog Keep on shopping!

3 thoughts on “Salt & Pepper Cat-Lady

  1. Excellent theme and story to go with your blogging of the Catsuit Aida! you are a natural blogger and I hope that you attract many more followers … you go girl! (ps… I hope you did not fall off the wall!?!)


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