Captured in golden chains


In Golden Chains_750x453

Hello my beauties!

Last night I waited for the release of the Queen Metal Dress from Addams but it got to late to stay and I had to sleep. Now I got it finally and I need to show it to you! I waited impatient since I saw the first Work In Progress photo from Amalia.

Now here it is shown by Aida in two variants. To the right the full dress and to the left only bra and panties without the dress. And hey, a lot of colors – 16! – are in the fatpack for the metall parts Bra and Dress plus 16 colors for the panties. The panties and the dress can be switched off in the HUD. I have to say I love it because its sexy as hell and a bit naughty.

My body is Maitreya Lara worn with VISTA Female Bento Hands. The head is Catwa Catya Bento. 

On my left arm I wear the Raven Watch B and on my Neck the Envy Tags Necklace both from RealEvil Industries. My Collar is the Siah from Salt & Pepper.

On my feets I wear the N-core GRACE Golden High Heels.

For a bigger photo follow to my Flickr

Because my week is very busy I dont know if I can post something new before the weekend. I wish everyone a wonderful week and hopefully a bit sunshine in your life!

Take care and good shopping ladies!

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