Glamistry DIANTHUS Heels


Glamistry DIANTHUS_750x453

Hello my beauties! Hope you all have a wonderful and funny day. Here is a new blog – this time about the Glamistry DIANTHUS heels. A friend told me I have sexy tires ehm legs :-). Seems he was more distracted by the wheel then by my legs. Nevertheless here are the info about the wonderful shoes: the Fatpack comes with 12 colors in the HUD you can use for the shoe, the heels and the inner sole and 6 colors for the outer sole. The HUD of the single color shoes includes the selected color plus the 6 colors for the outer sole and you can buy wanted colors out of the 12 later as usual.

As always for a bigger photo look in my Flickr.

For this photo I can only tell this famous legs are from my Maitreya Lara body in the DS’ELLES skin tone Colorado. Anything else is invisible and needs no description. To be honest I was leaning naked against the cool metal of the car *giggles*.

Have a wonderful time and a lot of fun in SL and stay beautiful!


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