As Pierrot Watches On

Reblogged from PeepSideShow Darkward – one of the best blogs I know. I encourage you to have a look at her blog!

Pics by Peep

I really want to get this post in before The Liaison Collaborative and Lost & Found close in just a few days. The *Easy Breezy* swing with pose that I am featuring from Le Poppycock will be at TLC until March 30 and the lovely crocuses from [ keke ] will be at Lost & Found until April 1. They are both beautiful and will definitely make you feel like springtime has arrived. You can also get a peek of the newest release from JfL Hats, the Musician Fedora, this time in light colours. While JfL is mainly a men’s hat store, I feature them frequently and I am just thrilled to see that John has released lighter shades for this hat. There are even two shades of pink in the collection! You can just see the top of the bright pink version in this photo, but I will…

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