Changing my way to blog

After rethinking about the way I’m blogging about Second Life I came to the decision to change my blog.

First I have to thank the shops I had blogged for who had sponsored me. It was a good time and fun to do the blogs.

Thank you Glamistry Heels, DS’ELLES, Pink Ice Boutique and eTc Poses. It was a good time to blog for you all but now it’s time for a change.

What did inspire me to change my blog?

I’m a big fan of PeepSideshow Darkwards blog. She’s something like an idol blogger for me and the main reason to change my blogging now. I had it in my mind since I had read Peeps Review Policy in march. After being very busy in RL and SL this summer, now I wanted to do the step.

So here are my to do list:

  • I stopped all blogging for dedicated shops. They all got a message I’m leaving the blogger groups.
  • I do only blog without any pressure when I have time to do it. So it is more fun for me and I hope better results for you my followers..
  • Normal I blog about items I had bought without getting sponsored.
  • I will do blogs for a shop when they ask me to do it for an item. But then it will be marked as advertising.
  • In general I write my honest opinion about the items I’m blogging. I will tell what I like and even when I dislike something or think there could be something done better.
  • If one can’t accept some fair criticism is better not to ask me for doing a blog. I want to be honest to everyone – to the shops and to my followers.
  • If there is a flaw that should be corrected I will name it and show details about it. If it gets corrected and I get noticed about a correction I add a note about the it. If you know there is something corrected and I didn’t wrote already a note about it please be so kind and let me  a comment so I get informed and can review it again and add comments about the corrections done.
  • I think this way my blog gets more helpful than only to show where my followers get the items but they know my opinion about it and how much I like it or if I had any trouble with using it plus the information when I get aware a flaw is fixed.

It will need some time for the change but I try to complete it soon.

Thanks for your patience and reading this. I would appreciate any comments, pros and cons about my change.

3 thoughts on “Changing my way to blog

  1. Thank you for your likes 924COLLECTIVE, the dune mouse, Nessie, Cecegy, madi, marcello, Alexa, LynaRay Luna, abilatzoloves, aloriana, barbdarkrose, andyangelblog, Hayley, Fadagitana, Jules, Jarla, Brandon Knoll, Paweth, whoremoansblog and slpartnersincrime!


  2. Sometimes the deadlines do cause us to compromise our work ,because of being in a hurry . So, I completely understand. 🙂 At the same time though it’s fun to challenge ourselves sometimes too.Bottom line is though that you have to love it and it’s got to be fun for you or your work will suffer. I wish you the best of luck in your new blogging endeavor ! ❤

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    • At the moment I don’t know if I ever blog again LOL. I feel free now to explore SL again what I didn’t do for a long time. I will see if I get back my inspiration to do blogs. Thank you for your like and comment LynaRay!

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