Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


I wish all my followers a wonderful Holiday, a Merry Christmas. and because I’m away for a few days around New Year’s eve I wish you all a Happy New Year too. May all your wishes come true. Stay healthy, be loved and have a successful life in 2018.

My biggest wishes are that my family, me and all my friends stay healthy and that there may be much more Peace on Earth in 2018.

I hope we all read us again in the next year with blogs about exciting news in Second Life and maybe some other things happening around us.

💗 Aida

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

  1. Thank you all for your likes Lady Thylia Beaumont-Oates, SueGeeli DeCuir, Anarinya Crystal, Julio Jiménez, madi fray, marcello, Dee, Maria Charasima, aeloisa, Adalynne C. Romano,byluis7, LynaRay Luna, aaiyanasilverfall, barbdarkrose, andyangelblog, Munky Soulstar, Jules, juliejenipe, Jarla Capalini, Joce Lisle and Dreamerra.

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