Addams Muriel Suit

When I saw this new Muriel Suit items from Addams I fell in love with the pinstripe version. Because I’m addicted to pinstripes and there are no single color available of the pinstripe version I had to buy the pinstripe pack of each, the Jacket and the pants – each for 650L$ plus one color of the body for 250L$. OK, I got a lot colors for that money but wanted only one of them. I don’t like it if a set is sold as single items like jacket and pants and each only in packs. That’s why I avoid to go to Addams lately. But for the Muriel Suit I couldn’t resist.

Addams Jacket & Pants

Each of  the packs have a HUD of 20 colors so one can mix and match with the colors if you like. But imagine in RL you have to buy 20 colors for both, a jacket and pant to get the pinstriped version.

For a bigger photo see my Flickr

Below I show you the HUDs for each item so you know what awaits when you buy the pinstripe packs of jacket and pants and a single color of the body.

Muriel Body

Muriel Body in color #37

Muriel Jacket

Muriel Jacket in 20 colors

Muriel Pants

Muriel Pants in 20 colors.

As you can see you can play a funny game to find the right color for the buckle because the buttons are numbered and don’t show the color behind the button.

This 3 items together was 1550L$ what is a bit much for the single color I wanted.

Have fun shopping and showing off your new clothes and take care!


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