+MuggleBorn+ Horns & Veil

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+MuggleBorn+ and Inner Demons created the Horns & Demons in Collaboration for the Level Event. It opens on July 30th at 2:00pm. 

Hornsd and Veil 750

A bigger MODERATE picture are in my Flickr.

The box contains the Horns plus a hideable Veil in Rigged and Unrigged versions and the Fatpack Style and Color HUD.

Vendor +MB+ Horns and Veil

At the vendor you can buy the Fatpack and the Ultimate Color HUD (that needs the Fatpack too).

After unpacking click the golden arrow left to see the Style page or the golden arrows right to see the different color HUDs.

+MB+ Horns & Veils Style and Textures HUD

At the Style page you can select between Horns only or Horns with Veil.

If you buy the Fatpack then you can buy the AddOn Ultimate Color HUD too. Then you are able to tint the Horns, Veil and the Metal parts each in a free adjustable color.

+MB+ Horns & Veils Ultimate Color HUD

Happy shopping at the Level Event.

What else I’m wearing:

Head: Catwa ~ Hanako 3.2
Body: Maitreya ~ Lara 4.1
Skins: S.E ~ Ride Of The Dead
Bra: Razor/// Leashed Bra
Corset: Ghoul Akuni Corset
Boots: Ghoul Akumi Boots
Panties: [V-Tech] Microkini Bottom Bulge

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