L.I.C Bound Set

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Today I show you the wonderful Bound Set for Maitreya, Tonic Curvy & Fine, SLink Hourglass & Physique and the TMP Classic Body.

See a bigger picture in my Flickr

The Bound Set consists of 18 pieces and the 4 Color HUDs. The parts are all modify and copy but No Transfer. This offers you the possibility either to wear all 18 pieces or to link parts together to safe attachment points. To reduce lag you can delete the scripts after texturing the set. But you need a bit knowledge how to do it and some patience to do the work. Some Info about is shown on the Marketplace page of the Bound set and below.

Copies of textured sets can be rezzed in world, de-scripted and linked together to use less attachment points. Be sure to save a copy before!

Here some description from Lydydia about linking

Bound is unique Multi part mix and match collection that allows you to wear different elements and textures to suit your mood

Boots are comprised of 4 parts enabling you to wear ankle height all the way up to thigh height just add the appropriate parts

The corset can stand alone or connects seamlessly with the rest of the outfit

The Bra can also stand alone or connect with the corset with or without added connecting straps

Panties and garters and skirt can we worn separately using the optional rings and straps

Nipple Rings fit neatly inside the bra rings as well as the pasties for use at Moderate sims

(Created texture sets can be rezzed inworld and linked together and descripted to save attachment points and reduce impact)

Included in the Box are 4 – really four – Color HUDs. One for Fabric, one for Laces, one for Latex and one for Leather textures.

Here pictures of the 4 Texture HUDs

Bound HUD Fabric
Bound HUD Laces
Boun HUD Latex
Bound HUD Leather

What else I’m wearing: (not sponsored)

Hair: DOUX ~ Brianna Black
Head: Catwa ~ Kimberly 3.2
Body: Maitreya ~ Lara 4.1
Skins: Angel Rock ~ Chikelu Mulatto
Shoes: [GOS] ~ Karrueche Black
Cuffs: S&P ~ Bondage Deluxe Set

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