+MuggleBorn+ Mavis Tank Top

Hello my dear followers! Today i blog about +MuggleBorn+ Mavis Tank Top for Maitreya body. There are palette color packs and a FATPACK for Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya, SLink Hourglass petite, SLink Hourglass, and V-Tech body available plus the addon of the Ultimate HUD.

+MB+ Mavis Tank TopSnapshot SAFE

The Tank Top comes with a lot options like Solid and Hole versions. Selectable by the Style HUD are Female, Bulge, Lifted and Erect version. Available are Palette Color Packs, Fatpack and an Ultimate AddOn  that needs the Fatpack items too. First the Palette Color Packs: The Tank Top is available at the +Spectrum Event+ in February.

+MB+ Mavis Tank Top Colors and Variants

Second the Fatpack: It includes ALL color palettes avai-lable for the Tank Top.

Finally if you add the Ultimate HUD you are able to tint each part of the outfit in a free selectable color from the Ultimate HUD:

The right side of the picture shows the variants of the Tank Top that can be selected with the included Style HUD for Females, Fembois and Shemales.

+MV+ Mavis Tank Top HUD

Restricted Picture at My Flickr

Now happy shopping at +MuggleBorn+

What else we are  wearing:

Hair: Left Stealthic ~ Sombre, right Stealthic ~ Ivy
Head: both Catwa ~ Kimberly
Body: both Maitreya ~ Lara 4.1
Skins: both Angel Rock ~ Chikelu Caribbean
Shoes: both H@S ~ Miss S Patent Leather (the shop sadly is gone)


+MuggleBorn+ Leigh Lingerie

My first blog for +MuggleBorn+ is the Leigh Lingerie for Maitreya body. In the box is a FATPACK for Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya, SLink Hourglass petite, SLink Hourglass, and V-Tech body.

+MuggleBroom+ Leigh Lingerie

The Lingerie comes with a lot options like Palette Color Packs, Fatpack and an Ultimate AddOn that needs the Fatpack Items too. First the Palette Color Packs:

Single Colors


Second the Fatpack: It have a lot of colors as you can see on the Fatpack HUDs for upper part and lower part:

Finally if you add the Ultimate HUD you are able to tint each part of the outfit in a free selectable color from the Ultimate HUD:

Ultimate HUD

in the following picture you see the parts of the outfit that can be tinted:

+MuggleBorn+ Leigh picture

The right side of the picture shows the variants of the panties that can be selected with the included LOWERincBOWS HUD for Females, Shemales and Fembois.


Now have fun shopping and more fun wearing the lingerie.

What else I’m wearing:

Hair: Stealthic ~ Ivy
Head: Catwa ~ Kimberly
Body: Maitreya ~ Lara 4.1
Skin: Angel Rock ~ Chikelu Mulatto
Stockings: Style Pantyhose Store ~ Aurora SEAM Black
Shoes: H@S ~ Miss S Patent Leather


Beautiful Sasha Skin from [ session ]


This time I made a bit longer blog about the session Sasha skin and nipples.

After using DS’ELLES skins for a long time I stumbled into the session Skin Studio some time ago and got different skins I really liked. But then came a day I was a little bit bored and tried a very different skin in the  session shop. I tried the demo of the black Sasha skin to see how I would look in a dark skin and was fallen in love. After looking at me for a few minutes I couldn’t stop and bought the pack for 1290L$ minus my discount for having already bought a few skins in this shop.

Since I wear this skin for about one week now and there was not one day without compliments about my look.

The face is so lovely and the skin so realistic for face and body. The contents of the pack see below:


While the skin was shown on the Catwa Catya head in the shop I used it on my two Catwa Bento heads Catya and Hanako. Here are my results:

Sasha Head

Sasha skin on Catwa Catya with my own Catya Shape

Sasha Hanako

Sasha skin on Catwa Hanako with my own Hanako Shape


Sasha Skin Nude

The full body skin front and back

The hair I wear is from tram named G1113 in black. The eyes are IKON Promise Eyes in color Scoria


Sasha HUD

The HUD of the Sasha Maitreya Body Skin offers two different nipple colors and three different pubic Hair variants.

I bought the [ session ] Nipple HUD Set05 Dark that have the perfekt color for this dark skin and includes 3 stages for the nipples and 2 different piercings.

Nipple HUD

More photos with the skin in my Flickr 

Happy shopping my beauties!

DS’ELLES Marilou Safran


Hello my dear friends! After some time I have something to blog again because I really love it! Desselle made a new skin named Marilou that is available on the 4Mesh event. Because there was not the darkest version of her new skin colors and I like this skin tone so much, I asked her if it couldn’t be available in the skin tone Safran.

Marilou Safran_750x672

And what I really call good customer service, she created Marilou in the skin tone Safran. So if you like to wear this skin tone, you know it is my favorite color when wearing gold clothes! A bigger photo is available on my Flickr.

I think when the event is finished it will be available in the Main Store.

I wear the Rana [Gold] Bikini from Voluptas Virtualis on the Maitreya Lara 4.1 Mesh Body and the Catwa Hanako Bento Head.

The hair is from tram and the name is G1113. The Belly Piercing Diamond and the Hip Piercing Diamond are both from PUNCH.

The Collar is the Ladies’ Elegant Collar from Virtual Disgrace.

Have fun shopping and see you soon! Thanks for reading.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


I wish all my followers a wonderful Holiday, a Merry Christmas. and because I’m away for a few days around New Year’s eve I wish you all a Happy New Year too. May all your wishes come true. Stay healthy, be loved and have a successful life in 2018.

My biggest wishes are that my family, me and all my friends stay healthy and that there may be much more Peace on Earth in 2018.

I hope we all read us again in the next year with blogs about exciting news in Second Life and maybe some other things happening around us.

💗 Aida

Sage Handbags @ Autumn Frost Fair


Sages Handbags_003

Today the Autumn Frost Fair opens and there you will find some wonderful handbags from Sage. They come with different poses for wearing it at the right or left hand or elbow. And even a silly animation is included where you slap somebody with your handbag if one gets nasty.

For a bigger photo with more details look at my Flickr.

The handbags are available in two special versions named Breeze Handbag Autumn Special Edition and the other one is Breeze Handbag Winter Special Edition. And also the normal version Breeze Handbag is available at the fair. See the photo below for the different versions. Left the standard version, in the middle is the Autumn version and to the right is the Winter version.

All Handbags

The Standard Version have the Base HUD included to color the handbag parts, the mobile phone and the purse in a lot different colors. See the Color HUD below:

Color HUD

And as a nice surprise the standard version has included not only this Base Color HUD but it have too a Spring/Summer Color HUD and a Autumn Winter Color HUD with a few more lovely colors for handles, strap and purse. Here the Autumn/Winter HUD:

Summer HUD

So run to the Autumn Frost Fair and get one of the sets. And here are the land,arks for the Sage Main Shop and Marketplace.



DS’ELLES Cat Eye Tattoo Groupgift


Cats Eye 768x450

Hi there my followers. After some time I found something I had to blog!

DS’ELLES surprised us with a so nice group gift. A little Cat’s foot taps and the Cat looking from your eye fold. Thats soooo cute! Maybe you have to edit the eyebrow a little bit to show her more. Here it is worn on the Louise Skin on Catwa Hanako Head.

Cats Eye 2