Back from swimming we do a shower

Shower after refreshing swim_466x600

Hello and Happy Easter my lovelies! Today you see my first blog for my new sponsor


I wear the Zara Swimsuit in black from Pink Ice Boutique. This sexy swimsuit is available in the colors Black, Coral, Gold, Purple, Red and White. The box contains versions for Belleza (Freya, Isis and Venus), Maitreya Lara and SLink (Hourglass, Physique). It is available at the L’Elite event from April 12th – 27th.

A bigger photo is available in my Flickr.

I’m glad my first action was to create a new store sign and she accepted to use it in the future.

Pink Ice Boutiquejpg

Pink Ice Boutique

I wear the Maitreya Lara 4.0 with Bento hands, the Catwa Catya head and the DS’ELLES body and head skin KELLIE Java. On my arm is the Faith dainty cuff bracelet from elymode. My hair is the TRUTH Fenella

I wish you all a Happy Easter and a wonderful weather so you can enjoy the spring outside. And happy shopping, the Marketplace is always open 🙂

DS’ELLES Skin Anna Lee

Skin Anne Lee Soleil_750x538

Hello my lovely beauties! Here I wear the brand new skin ANNA LEE for Catwa from DS’ELLES in the Skin tone SOLEIL. The skin is available in the new skin tones PERLE, LUMIERE, SOLEIL, LUNE, NUIT and SAFRAN. And by the way: the same colors of the body skins work flawless with MAITREYA Lara 4.0 and the Lara Bento Hands. You don’t need to get the seperate OMEGA HUD for the hands like it was for VISTA hands. And all my Nailed It Nail appliers for Maitreya work with Lara 4.0 Bento Hands too. YAY!

As always there is an bigger photo on my Flickr.

Anne Lee HUD

This is the HUD for the Anne Lee skin.

I wear the Catwa Catya head with the TRUTH Fenella hair in lightblonde. My eyes are the IKON Hope in the color Field,

I wish all my friends and followers a wonderful day!

An addition for the Bento hands:  RealEvil already updated the Elektra Nails & Rings for   Maitreya Lara! Here his IM about the update:

Group Notice From: RealEvil, crashnoww

Hello Friends 🙂

The new **RE** Elektra Nails & Rings has been updated for Maitreya BENTO hands. If you already bought this product, wear the Update Card to get the new version.

The product is still available at the FaMESHed Event:

Feel a cool breeze from the sea

Skin OLIVIA LUNE_750x435

Hello my beautiful ladies! We had a sunny day that smelled like spring but there was a very cold wind from the east. Nevertheless I shaved my arm pits, yes my … hair too 😉 and slipped into my Bikini and sat on my boat in the sun for some time to feel there is already some warmth.

I’m wearing the brand new skin OLIVIA for Catwa in the skin tone LUNE from DS’ELLES for both, the Maitreya Lara body and the Catwa Catya head. I don’t wear any other makeup or eyeliner to show you the skin the way you get it out from the box. I like it as it is already very much. My hair is the TRUTH hair Zoya Fatpack. It is the VIP group gift for March.

A bigger photo as always on my Flickr.

The Majorica Bikini is from Rebel Hope Designs. I wear the RealEvil  Envy Tags Necklace and the Salt & Pepper Siah Collar and sit on my Loonetta 31 sailboat from MOTOR LOON MARINE. It is an easy to sail beginners sail boat that is a lot of fun and can be modified a lot because all textures came in the pack so you can change the colors and/or texture of the boat and sails. See more info at the Marketplace or visit the MLCC main shop for a test ride with the Loonetta 31.

Have a wonderful day/evening/night or whatever till my next blog.




Red lips shall be kissed!

DS'ELLES Lipstick for Catwa Head Natural Lips_750x453

Hello my beauties! I’m back from a short vacation and have to show you how to make your red lips more kissable. Get the DS’ELLES Lipstick for Catwa head Natural Lips. It is a HUD with 9 beautiful colors for your Catwa Head lips. For the photo I used the darkest tone to fit best with the Berry color of my top. A bigger photo is in my Flickr.

Logo shop DS'ELLES_512


I wear my Maitreya Lara body and Catwa Catya head with the DS’ELLES Ludmilla skin in the skin tone NUIT. The top is the Cynful Bombshell in the color Berry. My Collar is the Salt & Pepper Sinah. It includes the OpenCollar software. The Band can be colored in 7 different colors and the metal part in 7 different metal colors.

DS’ELLES Ludmilla Skin

DS'ELLES Ludmilla PERL for Catwa & Maitreya_750

Hello my beautiful ladies! I hope your day is even so sunny as mine. Spring feeling is around. Today I show you the skin Ludmilla in the skin tone PERL for Catwa and the same skin tone for the Maitreya body from my new sponsor DS’ELLES. Ludmilla is available in all 6 new skintones. I show the other tones one by one in later blogs. The skins are available at the Skin Fair 2017 and later in the DS’ELLES Mainshop.

There is a big (restrict rated) photo in my Flickr. So maybe it isn’t visible for everyone.
And here is a safe version for the ones who cannot see the restricted version.


Ludmilla HUD

The Ludmilla Skin HUD for Catwa comes with one eye makeup,  one lipstick and 4 eyebrow versions. One of the eyebrows is the no eyebrow option so you can use some eyebrow from other vendors too.

My body is Maitreya Lara worn with my own shape for Bento and the skin tone PERL from DS’ELLES. The head is the Bento head Catya from Catwa with the skin LUDMILLA PERL from DS’ELLES. My hands are the VISTA BENTO PROHANDS FEM V.1 FINAL with the OMEGA applier used. My hair is the TRUTH Fenella Gingers that comes with a hat version in the pack but I have used it without hat.

Hope you like the todays blog and I wish you all a wonderful sunny day and stay beautiful!

Yours, Aida

#EMPIRE – Diamond Red

Hey my dear beauties! Today we turn a bit kinky 😈. Look at the photo below and you know what I’m talking about.

EMPIRE Diamond Red_750x453

I blog about the #EMPIRE Diamond outfit in Red. It is available as Gatcha at the March Arcade. It consists of a open cup bra, a lace bra add on, a bra bow, panty, stockings, shoes and whip. There are the colors Black (RARE), White (RARE), Red, Blue and Pink and you can select if you want your items for Maitreya Lara,  Belleza Freya or Slink  Hourglass.

For a bigger photo see my Flickr.

Gacha Key:


My hair is the Fenella platinum from TRUTH that comes in different versions with and without a hat. On my neck I’m wearing the Siah Collar from Salt & Pepper and the Envy Tags from RealEvil Industries. The earrings are out of Nord Embel’Lys  Gecko Set Gold that in addition contains a necklace for Classic body plus EVE, Freya, Isis and Venus and Maitreya Lara and TMP bodies plus HUDs to resize and to color the gems of the Geckos.

My body is Maitreya Lara worn with my own shape for Bento and the skin tone Colorado from DS’ELLES. The head is the Bento head Catya from Catwa with the skin KELLIE Colorado from DS’ELLES. My hands are the VISTA BENTO PROHANDS FEM V.1 FINAL .

I wish you all a wonderful sunny day and stay beautiful!


Glamistry Fashion Sunglasses – 12 colors HUD [PU2001]

Glamistry - Unisex Glasses PU2001

Hi there my beautiful ladies and today the gents too! I hope everybody have a great weekend and can enjoy the weather that was at last here touched already by spring.

Today I pose together with my lovely friend Tiger to show you the Unisex Sunglasses from Glamistry. They can be worn by anybody. The glasses can be colored in one out of 12 colors separate for the frame and arms, 12 color to shade the glasses where the white one is  transparent to use them as normal glasses. You can select 6 different colors for the metal parts on the frame and the arms. All the colors are already included in the HUD. The colors of the glasses and metal parts you can see here. The HUDs are the same for both glasses.

The glasses are avilable only at the Marketplace.

For a bigger photo please look at my Flickr.

On the upper right corner of the HUD you have buttons to select a function and with the minus and plus signs you can change the selected SIZE,  MOVE up or down, MOVE forth or back or the WIDTH of the glasses in two different stepsizes – bigger sign is the bigger step.

My hair is the Odyle platinum from Mina that comes with a HUD 5 colors. My body is Maitreya Lara worn with my own shape for Bento and the skin tone Colorado from DS’ELLES. The head is the Bento head Catya from Catwa with the skin KELLIE Colorado from DS’ELLES. My hands are the VISTA BENTO PROHANDS FEM V.1 FINAL .

Thanks to Tiger for getting the glasses too and posing with me. The poses are created by myself.

Stay beautiful my lovely ladies and take care until my next blog.