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Glamistry Iris Heels


Iris Heels

Hello my lovely shoppers!

Today I present you the new Iris Heels from GLAMISTRY. They are available as single colors or as FATPACK. Normal the colors of the selected shoe part is shown in the upper raw. I made all colors of the HUD visible at once so you can see the Shoe Colors, the Metal Colors and the Sole Colors in the photo. The HUD contains a storage for up to nine different Color Presets. It includes an Ankle Lock to set your feet straight when using poses that let your feet look broken.

A bigger photo is in my Flickr.

Iris heels laying

My body is the Maitreya Lara and my head is Catwa Catya. The shape is created by myself. The Skin is tone Lune for both the head Prisca and the body from DS’ELLES.  The tattoo is the Music Box Dark from White Widow. The top is the Simona Mini Shirt and the skirt is the Sonia Pleated Skirt with Panties and they are both from Addams. The stockings are from Bebe and the name is Bebe Stockings Risque w/Mat. Nude 4-Pack OMEGA+MAITREYA+SLINK.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep on shopping 🙂

Do we have another bottle wine?


Do we have another bottle

Hello my beauties, I hope everybody is well. Today I’m wearing the Evan Givenchi Shirt in Black/White and the Luna pants in black both from Addams. The shirt is available as single color or in the fatpack with a HUD with 42 striped colors and a second HUD for 42 plain colors plus 42 colors for the borders on each HUD.  The pants I bought only as a single color in black but they are available in 42 colors.

The shoes are the Grace in white from N-core and the hair is the KAZUHA from ARGRACE. My body is Maitreya Lara 4.1 and the head is the Catwa Catya with skin Ornella – both with the DS’ELLES skin in tone NUIT.

The pose is the eTc Poses-Female Standing 4 out of the the Female Standing pose pack available at the Marketplace and in the eTc Poses shop.

A bigger photo is available at my Flickr.

Stay beautiful and have fun shopping!

Darling it’s time for bed


eTc Poses - Come To Bed 1_750x453

Everybody knows the situation: You are in the mood but your partner is sitting on the computer flirting with other girls in Second Life and you can wait until you fall asleep. Who would follow my call? Today I show you the pose Come To Bed from my new sponsor eTc Poses. The pose is available at the Marketplace too. Included in th e box is to pure pose, the pose in a pose ball so you can place and adjust it for your needs.

A bigger photo is at my Flickr.

My body is Maitreya Lara 4.1. My Head is the Catwa Catya 2.16. The skin for the Head is Kellie Colorado and for the body it is Colorado for Maitreya from DS’ELLES. My hair is the Vivacity from Stealthic and my shoes are the GRACE in red from N-core. The lingerie is the Galera from Addams.

Keep on shopping and stay beautiful!

Lazy on my bed


Addams Galera

Hi my beauties! Today I show you the Addams Galera Lingerie Fatpack. As you can see below the Fatpack contains a big amount of 42 colors for both the bra and the panties. And you can tint the Elastic and the Borders seperately in one of the 42 colors if you like.

For a bigger photo see my Flickr.

Galera HUD'S

I wear my Maitreya Lara 4.1 body with the Catwa Catya Head 2.14 and the skins DS’ELLES KELLIE Colorado for both head and body. The hair is the ARGRACE Kazuha in red. The mesh stockings are the Sheer Hosiery Nudite from Dead Dollz which come with a 8 color HUD. My shoes are the N-core GRACE in red. The glasses are GLAMISTRY Sunglasses PU2003. The tattoo is the Cat’s Way tattoo from CAROL G.

I’m laying on my bed The Sophisticate (F/F) from Dictatorshop that can be colored with one included color HUD and different separate available Texture HUDs. The bed features over 300 animations and there are NO poseballs needed for use. Only sit on the bed and have fun.

I hope you like what I have blogged. See you soon for the next blog.

Where is my love?

Where is my love

Hello, I hope I find you all in a good mood even it is Tuesday and a few days of work ahead. Today I blog about the lovely GLAMISTRY HEATHER Heels. The FATPACK HUD contains 12 colors for the 3 shoe parts. The sole can be colored in one out of 6 colors and the both metal parts in one out of 6 metalic color textures. In a single color pack you can buy more colors later from inside the HUD. The HUD contains a button for locking your Ankles from looking broken.

For a bigger photo look at my Flickr.

Waiting for her

With the shoes I’m wearing the Jackie Swimwear as bra and panties and the Abela Tank Top Dress from Addams.

My hair is the WAKANA Red from ARGRACE. On my neck I’m wearing the Envy Tags Necklace from RealEvil Industries and the Siah Collar from S&P. On my ears I wear the Gecko Earrings out of the Gecko Set Gold from Nord Embel’Lys.

My body is Maitreya Lara worn with my own shape for Bento and the skin tone Colorado from DS’ELLES. The head is the Bento head Catya from Catwa with the skin KELLIE Colorado from DS’ELLES. I wear the VISTA BENTO PROHANDS FEM V.1 Final.

Glamistry Fashion Sunglasses – 12 colors HUD [PU2001]


Glamistry - Unisex Glasses PU2001

Hi there my beautiful ladies and today the gents too! I hope everybody have a great weekend and can enjoy the weather that was at last here touched already by spring.

Today I pose together with my lovely friend Tiger to show you the Unisex Sunglasses from Glamistry. They can be worn by anybody. The glasses can be colored in one out of 12 colors separate for the frame and arms, 12 color to shade the glasses where the white one is  transparent to use them as normal glasses. You can select 6 different colors for the metal parts on the frame and the arms. All the colors are already included in the HUD. The colors of the glasses and metal parts you can see here. The HUDs are the same for both glasses.

The glasses are avilable only at the Marketplace.

For a bigger photo please look at my Flickr.

On the upper right corner of the HUD you have buttons to select a function and with the minus and plus signs you can change the selected SIZE,  MOVE up or down, MOVE forth or back or the WIDTH of the glasses in two different stepsizes – bigger sign is the bigger step.

My hair is the Odyle platinum from Mina that comes with a HUD 5 colors. My body is Maitreya Lara worn with my own shape for Bento and the skin tone Colorado from DS’ELLES. The head is the Bento head Catya from Catwa with the skin KELLIE Colorado from DS’ELLES. My hands are the VISTA BENTO PROHANDS FEM V.1 FINAL .

Thanks to Tiger for getting the glasses too and posing with me. The poses are created by myself.

Stay beautiful my lovely ladies and take care until my next blog.


Captured in golden chains


In Golden Chains_750x453

Hello my beauties!

Last night I waited for the release of the Queen Metal Dress from Addams but it got to late to stay and I had to sleep. Now I got it finally and I need to show it to you! I waited impatient since I saw the first Work In Progress photo from Amalia.

Now here it is shown by Aida in two variants. To the right the full dress and to the left only bra and panties without the dress. And hey, a lot of colors – 16! – are in the fatpack for the metall parts Bra and Dress plus 16 colors for the panties. The panties and the dress can be switched off in the HUD. I have to say I love it because its sexy as hell and a bit naughty.

My body is Maitreya Lara worn with VISTA Female Bento Hands. The head is Catwa Catya Bento. 

On my left arm I wear the Raven Watch B and on my Neck the Envy Tags Necklace both from RealEvil Industries. My Collar is the Siah from Salt & Pepper.

On my feets I wear the N-core GRACE Golden High Heels.

For a bigger photo follow to my Flickr

Because my week is very busy I dont know if I can post something new before the weekend. I wish everyone a wonderful week and hopefully a bit sunshine in your life!

Take care and good shopping ladies!