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DS’ELLES Marilou Safran

Hello my dear friends! After some time I have something to blog again because I really love it! Desselle made a new skin named Marilou that is available on the 4Mesh event. Because there was not the darkest version of her new skin colors and I like this skin tone so much, I asked her if it couldn’t be available in the skin tone Safran.

Marilou Safran_750x672

And what I really call good customer service, she created Marilou in the skin tone Safran. So if you like to wear this skin tone, you know it is my favorite color when wearing gold clothes! A bigger photo is available on my Flickr.

I think when the event is finished it will be available in the Main Store.

I wear the Rana [Gold] Bikini from Voluptas Virtualis on the Maitreya Lara 4.1 Mesh Body and the Catwa Hanako Bento Head.

The hair is from tram and the name is G1113. The Belly Piercing Diamond and the Hip Piercing Diamond are both from PUNCH.

The Collar is the Ladies’ Elegant Collar from Virtual Disgrace.

Have fun shopping and see you soon! Thanks for reading.

China Dragon Kiss

Hello dears,

today I want to show you a wonderful outfit I bought from irrISIStible. It is the 2017 China Dragon Kiss. It contains a HUD with 4 colors for the dress.

China Dragon Full

It is a wonderful outfit but I wondered for a fitted mesh for Maitreya I had to hide half of my body. As usual when walking with big steps the dress tears but there are much more tweaks necessary. See the picture below:

Alpha for China Dragon Kiss.png

For this photos I have worn the outfit with Maitreya Lara 4.1 , the Catwa Hanako Bento Head with the skins DS’ELLES Louise Lumiere.

Dragon Kiss FULL_750x453

The Umbrella is from an older set JOMO Chinese Umbrellas and costs only 1L$.

Chinese Dragon Kiss_750x453

It contains a HUD with 4 different colors for the dress, collar and shawl:

Colors HUD

Included are the Tiare in 4 colors, the wings in 4 colors and the branch and flowers in 4 colors. The outfit is available in the main shop and in the marketplace for 499L$.

My hair is the MINA Odyle in black. The eyes are the IKON Promise Scoria eyes.

Bigger photos on my Flickr.

Have a good time in SL and keep shopping 😉

Do you know Louise?

Advertising blog for DS’ELLES

Before I left the blogger group of DS’ELLES I got already the skin pack Louise. Becausee of this and Deesselles was always nice and friendly with me I do one more blog for DS’ELLES about this new skin.

Aida 2017-08-21

DS’ELLES brought a new skin named Louise for Catwa Mesh heads.. It is a very pretty skin that is available at the main shop in five color tones Perle, Lumiere, Soleil, Lune and Nuit. The skin tone Safran is NOT available for Louise.. On the photo I wear the skin tone Lune. It is designed for the head Kimberly but I wear it on the head Catya and I think it looks very nice on this head too.

The body is the Maitreya Lara V4.1 and the hair is the TRUTH Rumor.

A bigger photo is in my Flickr.

Packing for the weekend trip

Ok, bikinis are in the car, but where do I put the shoes, blouses, lingerie and dresses?

Packing for the weekend trip

I wear the TANYA Mesh Laced Top & Micro Mini Shorts Coral from Pink Ice Boutique. It is available at the L’ELITE event opening on Thursday, August 10th. The box contains versions for Belleza (Freya, Isis, Venus), Maitreya Lara & Slink (Hourglass, Physique). The shoes are the Tasha Fishnet Heels from Pink Ice Boutique.

The Top & Shorts are available in the colors shown below:


And here are the colors for the Tasha Fishnet Heels:


My body is the Maitreya Lara 1.41 and my head is Catwa Head Catya v2.16. The shape is my own creation. The Skin in both photos is tone Lune for head skin Yanka and the body skin – both from DS’ELLES.  The head skin Yanka for Catwa is available at the Fetish Fair August. The body skin is available in the DS’ELLES Main Store.
The tattoo is the Free Love from White Widow available in the main store. The hair is the TRUTH hair Rumor out of the Mulitone 1 pack and available in the main store. The Collar is the Iris Collar from Salt & Pepper, The Birdcage.

A bigger photo is available on my Flickr. Have fun shopping my dears!

Glamistry Iris Heels

Iris Heels

Hello my lovely shoppers!

Today I present you the new Iris Heels from GLAMISTRY. They are available as single colors or as FATPACK. Normal the colors of the selected shoe part is shown in the upper raw. I made all colors of the HUD visible at once so you can see the Shoe Colors, the Metal Colors and the Sole Colors in the photo. The HUD contains a storage for up to nine different Color Presets. It includes an Ankle Lock to set your feet straight when using poses that let your feet look broken.

A bigger photo is in my Flickr.

Iris heels laying

My body is the Maitreya Lara and my head is Catwa Catya. The shape is created by myself. The Skin is tone Lune for both the head Prisca and the body from DS’ELLES.  The tattoo is the Music Box Dark from White Widow. The top is the Simona Mini Shirt and the skirt is the Sonia Pleated Skirt with Panties and they are both from Addams. The stockings are from Bebe and the name is Bebe Stockings Risque w/Mat. Nude 4-Pack OMEGA+MAITREYA+SLINK.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep on shopping 🙂

Oops – I’m falling …

Oops - I'm falling

Hello my visitors! This time i show you the new pose Carefree from eTc Poses. It is available at the Marketplace. The box contains 1- Sample Picture, 1- Read Me card, 1- Static pose and 1- pose ball. The item as always from eTc is Copy, Modify but No Transfer.

I wear the Maitreya Lara Body 4.1 with the Catwa Catya head. The skin for the body are the DS’ELLES Soleil and the head skin is the DS’ELLES Prisca Soleil. The hair is the TRUTH Lisette [1 Side] and the color is out of the Ginger HUD.

My collar is the Ladies’ Elegant Collar from Virtual Disgrace.

The Lingerie is the Elizabeth Mesh Lingerie Yellow Gold & Black from BigBeautifulDoll.

A bigger moderate picture is in my Flickr.



Glamistry Cynara Heels

Hello my dear followers. Today I show you the GLAMISTRY CYNARA Heels. The fatpack contains 12 colors for the three shoe parts and i used 3 different colors to show you the different parts of the shoes. For the metal parts there are 6 colors and for the sole you have 6 colors too. If you get a single color of the shoes the metal colors and sole colors are already in the HUD and you can buy some more shoe colors if you like. The shoes are wonderful detailed and the textures are so lifelike that you think you can smell the leather.

I wear the Maitreya Lara Body 4.1 with the Catwa Catya head. The skin for the body are the DS’ELLES Soleil and the head skin is the DS’ELLES Prisca Soleil. The hair is the TRUTH Cheri and the color is out of the Multitone 1 HUD.

My collar is the Salt & Pepper Iris Collar that comes with a color HUD that contains 6 colors for satin, 6 colors for lace and six colors for the metal parts.

The top is the Lola Bra Top from Poppy. The skirt is the Lilith Velvet Skirt Maitreya Black from {le fil casse}. This shop is new and under construction but I love already what I had found there.

A bigger photo is in my Flickr.

I wish everybody a wonderful week and happy shopping!