Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


I wish all my followers a wonderful Holiday, a Merry Christmas. and because I’m away for a few days around New Year’s eve I wish you all a Happy New Year too. May all your wishes come true. Stay healthy, be loved and have a successful life in 2018.

My biggest wishes are that my family, me and all my friends stay healthy and that there may be much more Peace on Earth in 2018.

I hope we all read us again in the next year with blogs about exciting news in Second Life and maybe some other things happening around us.

💗 Aida

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

  1. Thank you all for your likes Lady Thylia Beaumont-Oates, SueGeeli DeCuir, Anarinya Crystal, Julio Jiménez, Nessie Ryan, madi fray, marcello, Dee, Maria Charasima, aeloisa, Adalynne C. Romano,byluis7, LynaRay Luna, Chloë-Dakota Amaranthine, aaiyanasilverfall, barbdarkrose, andyangelblog, Munky Soulstar, Jules, juliejenipe, Jarla Capalini, Brandon Knoll, Astrogirl, slpartnersincrime, Joce Lisle and Dreamerra.

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