+MB+ Octopus Floaty

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This time we have a bit summer fun from +MuggleBorn+: The Octopus Floaty. It is available at the LEVEL Event for only 199L$.

+MB+ Floaty

It is a lovely summer fun with single and couple poses (all PG). In the box are Octopus Floaties in the colors BLUE, PINK, PURPLE and YELLOW. 

Be careful NOT to link the single parts or the pose menus get damaged because every arm of the Octopus have the same Dialog and script. If you want to take it back to the inventory then select each part of it and take it back all together at once. Normal it wouldnt be necessary because the floaties are copy so you can delete the single parts or select them all and delete them at once.

Bigger picture are in my Flickr.

This is the Muggleborn vendor at the LEVEL Event 

Floaty Vendor @ Level Event

What else I’m wearing:

Hairs: Stealthic ~ Vivacity & Ivy Doux ~ Allison TRUTH ~ Apple tram ~ G1113
Head: Catwa ~ Kimberly 3.2
Body: Maitreya ~ Lara 4.1
Skins: Angel Rock ~ Chikelu Mulatto
Bikini: +Muggleborn+ ~ Brianna Bikini

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